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[Mar. 9th, 2016|10:17 pm]
I feel like this has just become a place for me to dump my shifty wedding-related feelings. But anyway. There's more. They're both mom-related.

1. My mom wanted to come over last night to see my wedding jewelry in person because she's claimed she's been on the periphery this entire time. Granted, until 2 weeks ago, she lived in another state. But...

So, I let her come over and she saw the jewelry and that was fine. Until she told me more about the circumstances surrounding her move home. Apparently she made even more bad decisions than she previously told me about including loaning money to this man she reconnected with and was the reason she moved out of state in the first place, among other terrible decisions.

She's telling me this story and it turns from sad, to woe is me, to everything in my life is a mess, to her crying and screaming uncontrollably in my dining room. The whole I'm I'm thinking to myself, "you're springing this on me days before the wedding?!" And cringing as C is in the other room listening to this disaster go down.

2. Speaking of cringing. I need to vent about the groom's dinner for a moment. About 2 months out from the wedding, C's mom had made no moves to plan the groom's dinner mor responded to my reach outs asking if she was going to do anything. I made it clear that I respect tradition and that this is something usually planned for by the groom's side of the family, so I'd gladly step aside, but if nothing was planned, I would of course take it and run with it.

Heard nothing until she asked C for my family's email addresses without specifying a purpose. She sent out invitations, we made plans. Other wedding plans went on.

I had talked with her on Sunday after confirming with her the details of the wedding and making sure she knew the schedule. It was a weird convo... She told me that she would have to cancel her dinner plans before the wedding (?) because we weren't serving dinner (?!?) and she has an unknown health condition that causes her to have to eat regularly. (PS we are having dinner) So she seemed put out about my asking her a normal thing about arriving early to take fucking family pictures that I really don't care about taking. And she kept saying over and over again "I love you guys, I'm so proud to be able to do things for you guys, I'm so excited for you, I love doing things for you." It was weird and the same things repeated over and over.

Then tonight I get a text from my sister that the family was emailed details on how much the dinner will cost per person and saying that it's a Dutch dinner. I'm not one for etiquette or tradition or ceremony or any of that shit with this wedding, but I find it EXTREMELY tacky to ask people to pay for their own dinner. I didn't get emailed an invitation (which, HA!) but it was an addendum to the original invitation and it's something that makes me so incredibly uncomfortable, I can't stand it.

It's such a stupid thing but I find it so incredibly tacky... This isn't how you do things. It's so dumb but it's not right. And and and...

Thus concludes my bridezilla post.

*steps down off soapbox*

[User Picture]From: stopityoumonkey
2016-03-12 01:24 pm (UTC)
For some reason our rehearsal dinner was the most stressful part of my wedding planning too. My mom and Adam's parents had vastly different expectations and my mom kept being all, "BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT YOUR COUSINS DID FOR THEIRS," and it ended with me having to plan a whole separate park shelter bbq thing for my mom's family to do while we had a separate smaller restaurant dinner with the wedding party and Adam's parents. Dumb. Anyway, see you tonight!!
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