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[Dec. 17th, 2015|06:52 pm]
+roast beef sandwich
+baked Cheetos
+mini kit Kat
+chicken ramen
+bite of sesame beef
+pint of Sapporo

$135 with a Chinese herbalist. I intended to go for accupuncture for my sleep issues, but he said I didn't need accupuncture, I needed herbs. He "wrote me a prescription" for a mix of 18 herbs and roots. We'll see.
$35 for a brow wax
$7 lunch

-slept pretty well. Had a dream that I had to watch C take a shower with his stupid ex, S. What's with these dreams about him smooching other people?! Ugh.
-work was meh. Actually didn't get much done, which I'll pay for for days. Wasn't into it. Spend most of my day working from home - doing dishes and cleaning
-on our way right now to see the Buddy Holly play with my Dad. It's our new family holiday tradition, I guess.

Can't wait until this weekend!